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Whether you are an established writer, or if this is your first book, Mara Prose Publishing can produce an impressive monument to your talent. While new to the business, Mara Prose has a steady flow of published leading authors in a variety of genres requesting more information about her publishing services simply based off of her first upcoming novel The Davenports: A Battle of Wills.

Publishing a book is an art and it begins with editing, proofreading, layout and design. We are able to print a wide range of copies depending on the title, the intended audience and the author’s needs. The average number of copies printed range between 500 to 2000, although Mara Prose Publishing is also able to only publish one single copy of a book.

We invests in the promotion and marketing of our authors and will work round the clock to ensure that your book is continuously promoted.

Self-publishing your book through Mara Prose Publishing typically takes 12 to 18 weeks from start to finish. We set a minimum cost for your book, and you set the list price. Royalty amounts vary depending on where you sell your book.

Our custom packages give you many basic publishing services for your book, including manuscript layout and formatting, ISBN assignment, barcode creation, original cover design, placement of images inside the book, and cover art images. You get copies of your book at no charge, but how many depends on the package you purchase.

Mara Prose assists in making copies of your book available for review and offers discounts if you buy extra copies of your book to sell at book fairs, conventions, trade shows and other events. You also have access to articles that teach you effective steps to promote and sell your book.

As we take extreme pride in the high quality of each project, we can only accept a limited number of new book requests.  Contact us today Mara Prose Contact  and let us begin the journey to your book’s success by offering the following:

Web Copy
Resumes/Businesses Letters
Blog Management
Social Media Profiles

We look forward to discussing your project!


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