Why apologize?

I think we are all familiar with the phrase”don’t say anything you don’t mean, because you can’t take it back”, which applies to saying things impulsively or out of anger. Lately, it is a common trend to read about celebrities, politicians and the like, saying an allegedly offensive comment and then later apologizing for the offense. The most recent of offenses is Rush Limbaugh calling a female Georgetown Law Student a ‘slut’, ‘prostitute’ and requested that she post a sex tape online. Then like clockwork, the outrage started and he was forced to apologize that Saturday.

Here is my two cents, and this applies specifically to the media. Later, I will address common everyday offenses in another blog. First of all, what was really accomplished outside of bringing Limbaugh the attention he was seeking? He has always been controversial and to my knowledge is known for saying outlandish and offensive comments. I believe if we were really outraged, we would stop allowing him to have a radio commentary. So, on one hand we try to censor his comments but then turn around and give him a radio program. We all are aware of the first amendment, yet it’s use has been reduced to a matter of convenience. If you do not like what he says, follow my lead and don’t tune in to his program.

Another headline of interest, is where Kirk Cameron is being ridiculed for his anti-gay remarks on Piers Morgan. Does he not have the right to his own opinion? Was it not his interview? So why should he apologize and fake how he feels when it is very clear what his stance is on this issue. I agree with Piers Morgan’s defense that it took bravery to stand up for what he believed. Kirk Cameron’s honesty was refreshing and I commend him for not worrying about politically correct. If you have read my previous blogs, you know I am advocate of the authentic.

With all this being said, we all are entitled to our own opinions. You should not have to apologize for what you believe, no matter how offensive it comes across. If you think about it, anything you say can be interpreted as offensive and then we run the risk of spending our lives apologizing. In my opinion, differences are what make the world go round. Last week’s blog sparked a nasty comment to be made from someone on twitter. Instead of wasting my time and energy arguing with this person, defending my blog or even apologizing, I simply responded “well, don’t read my blog anymore” and muted them. It saved us both a lot of headache.

In the case of Limbaugh, he is not sorry for the comments he makes because it has afforded him a nice paycheck. I am just curious as to what an apology does for the general public? Does it heal the wounds? No, it does not. Most importantly, did Limbaugh have a chance of heart? Highly unlikely. There is a pretty simple solution, support what you believe in and ignore the rest. For those that agree with Limbaugh, keep listening to his program and for those who support Kirk Cameron’s stance, then support his projects. We ultimately hold the power, not them. We have a right to choose but if we take away their right to choose, eventually, I fear we will lose ours as well. As Maya Angelou once said “if someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Until next time, keep on keeping on be the best you that you can be.

~ Mara Prose

5 responses to “Why apologize?”

  1. Chemeka Adams Avatar
    Chemeka Adams

    Mara, yr blogs aka posts are very intelluctual, uplighting, and the truth of yr beliefs and for many others. I enjoy reading them. Keep them coming! Also, for the negative ones are just jealous and envious because they couldnt come up with ideas of starting a blog on their own. But their comments is what keeps ups going. Cuddos to you and once again. I love the readings. Love always, Meka

  2. Thanks so much LaKosta! That means a lot!! Love the support!

  3. One of my favorite quotes ever, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them”! Apparently free speech only works one way sometimes…Kirk Cameron is a Christian (as am I). Everyone knows this. So knowing this, is anyone surprised that he takes an anti gay lifestyle stance? There’s no “A HA!” moment there. I’m enjoying your writing! Thanks! ~Serene

    1. Thanks so much for the support Serene!!

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