The Boss B—-!

You all are very aware that I spend a lot of time on twitter. I love to read all the timelines because they keep me up to date on all the current events and most are very amusing. However, I do see a common trending topic of being a “Boss Chick”. I have been guilty of calling myself a “Boss” as well since I own two companies and answer to no one except God. I pride myself on going through life exactly on my own terms and making my own rules as I go along in this thing we call life. However, I have to admit I do not like how “Boss Chick” has become “Boss Bitch” on the twitter feeds.

This reference has made me wonder, do we as women really have to try to be hard as nails? Is it really necessary to steel ourselves against femininity? Why is it necessary to emulate male traits to move up the corporate ladder? I wonder how many of us get tired of having to be on guard all the time? I blame the direction that our society is headed towards and feel this to be another area that seriously needs to be addressed.

It is sad how many mothers have to raise their children single because some men won’t step up to their responsibility. This leaves the women to play the father and the mother role, forsaking her femininity and natural nurturing ability. Yes, they still nurture their children but not to their full capability because they have to play two roles and hold down a full time job (some even more than one job). It is sad that women still have to go to work and battle on a daily basis to earn equal respect, and be seen as valuable an employee as the next man. Studies today still show that women are paid significantly less than men for the same positions. Not only are women battling men in the workplace, they are battling other women who are trying to prove their worth as well.

I watched my mother be so very strong for us and her family all her life. A lot of the time, she could not afford to allow herself to succumb to emotions of the day for she had two daughters to raise and provide a support system for her brothers and sisters. She worked hard to instill that same strength in my sister and I, and I am very grateful for that. I see many woman like my mother and it breaks my heart that they lose the opportunity to just enjoy nurturing and the celebration of their womanhood. What I mean, is that when you have to play dual roles and society says your not equal unless you emulate a man, it creates an imbalance. We then begin to lose the best side of a woman because she spends the majority of her time being strong, and working towards being what is now termed a “Boss Bitch”.

If you are on twitter, look on there and see how many women are posting about hustling and bragging about having several hustles. Really? Having several hustles makes you a “Boss Bitch”? That sounds like sheer drudgery to me and someone is working way too hard. Yes, I own two companies but one pays the bills and one is my passion and that is enough for me. Yes, I understand that some have to work more than one job to make ends meet. However, it should not be something that one aspires to in life. Bragging about how you have to get it by any means necessary, you don’t need a man and referring to yourself as a “Boss Bitch” just bothers me. Of course not all women are guiltily of this but the ones who are, I plead with you not to try and hide your softer side and please don’t refer to yourself as a “bitch”. You can be professional at work and move up the ladder without emulating male traits. You can be proud to be single and independent, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just want it to be known that you certainly can be seen as a boss without referring to yourself as a derogatory name. I just feel like our society has made things too extreme for females and we are losing that nurturing nature that I feel our children today need more than ever. Just my two cents.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor do I pretend that I can solve all the problems of the world. I just point out issues that I feel should make everyone think just a little bit more about the examples we are setting for the younger generation. I say this because it doesn’t look good for our future in my opinion. I am simply pointing out issues that bother me and that I feel serve no purpose in our progression.

Until next time, keep on keeping on being the best you that you can be!

Mara Prose

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