Generating your own path without apology

I don’t have a long message for you today. Something I read sparked me to say to all my readers this simple fact:


In life, we must generate our own restrictions. Of course, people in life will always have expectations, form perceptions and try to bend you to their will. It is our responsibility to detach ourselves from the scripts of the past that no longer work in today’s time and make our own definitions for our life.

Short, sweet and to the point. Until next time, take this to heart and make it applicable in your life.

Much love to ya,

Mara Prose

PS is coming soon! It will have short stories, blog topics, book reviews and much much more!

2 responses to “Generating your own path without apology”

  1. This is really good! We DO generate our own restrictions and more confining than we intend sometimes! Thanks for this! Serene

    1. Glad you could relate!! Always enjoy your feedback!!

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