He speaks to me and He speaks to me in every way…

This week has been an extremely trying week. It has been one full of stress, heartache and drama. People always say hardship happens in three’s. Well I can say with absolute certainty, I have experienced my three this past week. At times, the hurt, disappointment and stress from the situations seemed almost unbearable. Then I remembered that I was a child of God. I know there will be some that say it cannot be that simple. But you know what, it absolutely is that simple. You see, after my initial shock at each occurrence, I handled things very differently than I have in the past.

I am a very private person by nature. I do not allow a lot of people into my personal thoughts, problems or activities, mostly to avoid the annoyance of other people’s opinions about what you should and should not be doing. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you know that is my pet peeve, unsolicited advice. I also do not trust that most have your best interest at heart and therefore, feel they have no place in my personal dilemmas. But with these hardships that came up, I finally felt comfortable enough to allow my inner circle to support me. I have surrounded myself with some amazing friends. I have nurtured those family bonds that bring me peace, comfort and support and not negativity, vengeful comments or hurtful remarks. I have eliminated all those that celebrate the hardships in my life and kept the ones that want only the best for me.

However, above all this, I have nurtured my spirituality and relationship with God to be so strong, that nothing can break me. See, within all these instances, I could have remained hurt, bitter and worried about what else is to come. I could have issued blame, allowed things to stress me out and allow my mood to take a nosedive all due to situations that are just part of life. Instead, I chose to immerse myself in the word of God. I did not just read the bible, I purposely turned my television on the The Church Channel as I do every morning, and God spoke directly to me via several sermons. TD Jakes sermon today was right on point; Joyce Meyers sermon felt like a message directly from God and the conversation within my own mind and heart helped me to overcome this past week.

All these issues will work themselves out. You know how I know, because God sent me several messages and told me so. He sent me the right group of friends, He coaxed me into reaching out to the right family members and He sent His will through the voices of several different pastors. For those that are skeptical, I feel sorry for you because our God is a mighty God and I feel so blessed to be His child. I am so happy to finally be at a place where life does not tear me down, that I simply rise above it. I pray all of my readers can find this level of peace.

Until next time, work to find your own inner peace. It is so very worth it.

~ Mara Prose

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