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Just like the seasons change, people change. Friends stop being friends, husbands and wives stop being husband and wives. Children fall out with their parents and some don’t speak for years at a time.

I’ve often wondered why this cycle occurs. Is it God’s will? Or is that we are too lazy to put forth the effort in our relationships? I have a lot friends going through martial strife, relationship trauma and I think to myself what happened to the love that I’m so used to seeing between them? How can that love just disappear? Has their seasons simply changed, was the love never really there or is it that so much hurt and pain have taken place they can no longer move forward?

I don’t have the answer but I find it sad to see so many of my friends at odds in their households. I know friends out grow each other, I can certainly testify to that. And I can even understand that some children must break away from their families for various reasons such as having toxic relatives or needing to establish their own identity. I get that. But I wonder why things can’t last forever? Why can’t we just grow together and not apart. A great Facebook friend of mine said if you are a size 12 shoe, you wouldn’t try to squeeze into a size 3. So in life why are you trying to fit in with people you’ve Outgrown?

I guess for some of us, we want what was and can’t let go of what isn’t. We can’t accept that time marches on and in the process we lose and gain along the way. Sometimes I wish time wouldn’t go so fast. I wish I could just relish the moment and stand still for a bit. But then I realize I’m not meant to stand still. That God expects me to grow daily, move towards Him and I cannot do that if I’m stagnant.

It seems to just be part of life’s plan. So my advice to you is to look at your life and see what you’ve outgrown. Realize that your break with it will be painful and that you will go through a period of mourning. But understand that on the other side, there’s something better for you. Realize that every loss has a gain and that our Father God has us on a cyclical path that will soon come full circle to Him.

Until next time, enjoy the season you’re in and prepare for that inevitable day when you’ve outgrown it and don’t resist it.

~ Mara Prose

3 responses to “Outgrown”

  1. Good post – and it’s not just people. It situations too that we outgrow. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautifully written and so very true. We must make every minute count.
    Bless you.

    1. Thank you Ms. Minga!!

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