This too shall pass…(A Mara Prose Poem)


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Trying to numb this pain to keep from going insane

Trying to rebuild my life without the strife

Trying to lose myself in a haze while praying for lesser long days

Want to feel like myself again and watch the stars roll by again

Want to feel peace deep within me, want the suffering to just let me be

Can’t I feel the sun again, have fun again, be one again?

I need a break before I break because I’ve had about all I can take

Can’t let you see the cracks since very few actually have my back

Can’t let myself be torn down, can’t let you see me frown, I’m not your clown

I’m working hard to elevate, not sedate and just relate

Trying my best to forget but not regret and remain set

Give me space, let me breathe please

Eventually you will be relieved for this too shall pass…

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