My Legacy, please be true to me…

Newly released Mara Prose blog: My Legacy, please be true to me (formerly Doing me without Apology?

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The initial version of this blog was written several months ago but it was not one of my prouder moments.  After re-reading it recently, I knew it deserved a complete overhaul.  I must admit, I find it exhausting to be referred to as the little girl I used to be just because you missed a big portion of my life.  A legendary preteen and teenage temper seem to ever follow me throughout life, especially when I connect with someone from my younger school days.  I rarely find it amusing to discuss it anymore, considering I am a God-fearing wife, mother and entrepreneur; not to mention I am 37 years old now!  It is overly redundant and unnecessary to only reminisce about and commonly reference “Remember when Mara used to”; when you should be saying “What has Mara been up to?”.

I am so proud of my growth.  The legacy I desire to leave…

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