A bad, bad breakup…


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It is with a broken heart, that I have decided to break up with my heels.  Our relationship is no longer conducive to my lifestyle and I am at a loss for finding ways to cohabitate.  I’ve seen a podiatrist, bought expensive shoe padding and I even set up specific date nights to with my heels.  But no matter how hard I tried, my heels simply refused to make an effort and meet me halfway.

The straw that broke the camel’s heel was at a birthday event with my girlfriends.  My heels pinched, nagged, smashed and slid around making it nearly impossible to walk.  It is my belief that jealousy played a large role here and I was tortured because of it.  I couldn’t even get a five minute break before they started their attacks again.

Finally, I had enough.  I took off those traders and slammed them into the back of my car.  I really wanted to hurt them more but I wasn’t familiar with the laws on assault and shoes so I held my temper as best I could.  Thankfully, my best friend allowed me to borrow a pair of her flip flops for the rest of the night.  I was too outdone with the betrayal and ungratefulness of my heels.  I not only spent a fortune on them but I took them regularly to be pampered at my local Shoe Hospital and what thanks did I receive?  Well I never!!  I mean I never will go through that again.

So now, I have decided to pursue a new love affair with flats.  They are not the most interesting characters but some have real potential.  I feel sorry for my poor calves.  They have been mourning their old buddies.  Flats just do no justice for your calves unless you work out and umm, that’s another blog post altogether.  My calves and I have come to accept the fact that we have to do our daily squats, lunges and pointed toe lifts.  Pilates is somewhere in the back of our mind as well but baby steps must be taken.

So, for now I am embarking on a new adventure with flats.  I know I am settling but sometimes, you have to settle to find peace.  I must admit, I too miss my heels.  It is hard to realize that you are not as tall as you always thought you were and that more things become out of reach in flats.  Everyday I walk into my closet and I look at all my old friends (a lot never even worn before) and I think to myself, just maybe we can try one more time.  But then I remember the pain and the agony and the stubbornness of my heels and happily walk to my future and leave my past behind.

I haven’t quite figured out how I am going to deal with the withdrawal symptoms while shopping in the mall and on my mobile shopping apps.  Thankfully, I have such a strong support system. I know my friends will come by with tubs of ice cream, chocolate and wine and we can sit around and try them on and put them back as keepsakes until I am over them for good.

Oh well, Hi Ho, it’s off to flatville I go!

Until next time, heels are pretty but so are purses and diamonds and neither one will cause injury (unless you purposely attack someone with one of them – but once again, that’s another blog all in itself).

~ Mara Prose

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