Shame, shame, shame…


With the new season of Game of Thrones right around the corner, I thought how fitting would it be to pay tribute through my blog and talk about how much our society loves to shame people (Yes, I am a die hard GOT fan 😊).  I know we have all seen the YouTube videos posted all over social media where someone has recorded someone else being brutally beaten, humiliated or bullied by someone else.

Proverbs 25:8
“Do not go out hastily to argue your case; Otherwise, what will you do in the end, When your neighbor humiliates you?”

There seems to be an influx of bullies in the world.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, we have all experienced a bully at one time or another.  They feed off of belittling and disgracing others to make themselves feel superior.  Whenever I stumble across these awful videos, read these hate-spewing articles or see comments where people are verbally attacking one another all over differences of opinion, it screams BULLY to me.  It’s truly a shame the way we love to shame one another.

We should never walk in shame for who we are and what we value.  It is not our place to judge one another.  Where are the rules established that imply me must all walk the same walk and talk the same talk?

I truly believe this is the very reason that depression has become such an epidemic.   So many people live with the daily dread of being humiliated and ostracized for the very simple reason of not following the so called ‘norm’.

I cannot stress the point enough about how freeing and peaceful it is to stay true to yourself.  Learn to cast aside all the pressures from the superficial society standards and forge your own path.  Stay away from the shame bandwagons and respect the diversity of others.

How do you feel about this topic?  I have been MIA the last two weeks for #LetsTalkProse but I promise not to miss tonight’s scheduled chat, 7-7:30PM CST via @maraprose.

Until next time, stop the shaming as it only induces unnecessary pain.

~ Mara Prose


3 responses to “Shame, shame, shame…”

  1. Yes- we add pain to others and pain to our own souls- for what? The momentary “pleasure” or “thrill” of landing a zinger? Thanks for the good words!

    1. Exactly Jena!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. You hit the Nail on the head, I too am sickened beyond belief at the way senseless acts and tragedies are glorified but if you are doing the right thing or speak “up” then you are made to feel ostracized. I always shudder when someone is being attacked and the first inclination is to hit the record button and not dial 911! The epidemic has gotten so bad that the Paparazzi Bully Mentality (term I made up) has caused school yard or nowadays hallway and bathroom fights have become the new “recess” pictures and videos of someones child being maliciously assaulted has been posted for likes,praise, and applause, which only causes the next Paparazzi Bully to fight harder and maliciously….I would continue but I want the Comment Stalkers to read the article for themselves, but thanks again Mara Prose for another Epic Article…….Your boldness, bravery, and intellect in touching on subjects, let’s me know if I’m with you and there’s an “Elephant in The Room”, I know I won’t be the only one seeing it!!! Thanks again. And to anyone reading this comment Please share this article. Mara Prose has great literary points that must be shared! Share with a friend or print off and leave it at the salon or church.

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