Paying It Forward…

This is a beautiful story and one which we should hear about more than the negativity that is spewed daily by our media.  It only takes one special person to make a BIG change in someone else’s life.  This young man was obviously raised right and Matt White is a good man for going above and beyond for him.  We should all take notes and stop to lend a helping hand to other’s more often.  The world would be such a better place!

Memphis teenager Chauncy Black was just looking for some money to buy donuts when he asked Matt White if he could carry his bags to his car. But White went above and beyond that, raising $324,000 for the teen and his disabled mother via a crowdfunding campaign that’s gone viral. White took Black on a…

via A Man Helped Raise Over $300K For The Teen Who Offered To Carry His Groceries — Real Stories – UPROXX

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