Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

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You have to be extremely careful with who you allow into your circle.  There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing.  People love to toss around “I love you, girl” without any sincerity behind it.


So how do you attract the right tribe in a world full of deception and falsehoods?  First you must know who you are and accept the fact that not everyone is meant to be a part of your immediate circle.  There’s nothing wrong with limiting your interactions with those who you simply do not vibe with you.  Many people are out to drain you for their own selfish needs and you need to be able to push back and set limitations for your own sanity’s sake.

Your inner circle should be a reflection of who you are.   I am not saying that you should all be clones but it is important to have common interest, values and principles.  For example, if you are a positive soul, then why put up with a negativity ninny?  If you are a very spiritual individual, why waste your time with an atheist who may be determined to change your beliefs?


My vibes gravitate towards the real.  You be real with me and I will respond in kind.  I like people with ambitions; those who like to think outside of the box.  I strongly relate to people who have paved their own path against all odds and did not adhere to the status quo.  But that’s just who I am.  I also highly value loyalty.  Loyalty is a deal breaker with me.  If you cannot be loyal to me, then there is no reason for us to associate.

As I’ve stated in previous blogs.  I recently went through an extremely bad patch.  Thank God it is behind me and I am doing very well these days.  But during that dark period, I really found out who my true friends were.  I had family members that I rarely see or even speak to come to my aid.  I had friends who had their own struggles reach out and help me through this bad time.  It will be forever engrained in my memory, the ones who brought me through the storm.

Always remember your tribe is a reflection of you.  You attract what you send out into the world.  Whether you are a loner or introvert, or simply someone who has been hurt too many times, you still need a support system.  You cannot make it through this journey we call life without at least one person to lean on.  Even if you feel absolutely self-sufficient, you need a support system.


Each person in our life represents the world from a different perspective.  Sometimes we are blind to what others can see clearly and we need their help gaining clarity.  So find your inner vibe, send it out into the world and welcome the kindred spirits you attract.

Until next time.

~ Mara Prose

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