Dating Tales: Mr. Spitter

Another funny dating disaster from a good friend.  Enjoy!

Ariana was excited to finally meet Craig in person.  Great conversations, common interest, Christian values; he was a keeper.

They agreed to meet at The Cheesecake Factory, Ariana’s favorite restaurant.   When Craig walked in, Ariana sighed in relief. He was terribly handsome and well dressed.  They gave each other a quick hug and settled into the booth Ariana had reserved.

They looked over the menus and Craig announced the steak diane was going to be his choice for the night and spit all over Ariana’s menu.  It kind of grossed her out but Ariana didn’t think much of it.

She made her menu choice and gave it to their waiter.  She watched horrified as Craig explained his as well, spraying the poor waiter with saliva.  It seemed he was unable to hold a conversation without spittle going everywhere.  Not being a person to bite her tongue, Ariana told Craig he might want to wipe his mouth because he was spitting a lot.

He completely disregarded her topic and proceeded to brag about his new Lexus, all the while showering the table with his spittle.  It became so bad, Ariana had to put the dessert menu in front of her.

She finally decided to mention it again and clearly showed her disgust and annoyance.  He apologized much to her relief, wiped his mouth with his hand and then tried to reach grab hers.

Being single for the past couple of years and a little jaded, Ariana was not at all prepared for this debacle.  Salvia baths just weren’t on her bucket list of things to experience.

She bluntly told him there was no way she could finish dinner with him and his spit, asked for a to go box and left Mr. Spitter to continuing showering the table with his germs. 😂

~ Mara Prose

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