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Neutering the Male of the Species: The Feminization of American Society

This week I found myself in a very heated discussion about the feminization of males.  It is equally disheartening that so many women support this backward mentality.  A friend of mine even told me she has a male relative who brags about having numerous women ‘taking care of’ things for him.

Since this is my day where I can be completely unfiltered and politically incorrect, let me just randomly throw out my thoughts via bullet points and you can take them however you want.

  • Men – don’t complain about not being able to find a woman to hold you down when a lot of you are out here playing games, acting stupid and finding it cute to be pussified.
  • Women – do not complain about a man being sorry when we are not setting the right tone that demands respect.
  • Men – stop wanting to lead when you offer nothing to follow.
  • Women – stop wanting equality to men in all matters.  We weren’t meant to do what men do all the time.  If we were, then there would be no need for special treatment when we enter these areas.
  • Men – by all means keep on laying down with dogs so you can get up with fleas; then expect women to provide the remedy.
  • Women – get rid of the stupid notion ‘Act like a lady but think like a man’.  You cannot do both.
  • Men – if a woman is working hard, don’t you dare try to simply piggyback off of her success.  Get out there and work just as hard, if not harder.
  • Women – don’t you dare allow a man to piggyback off of your success just to say you have a man.

I believe that we should partner and walk beside each other.  I definitely plan to write more about this subject from various perspectives but for now, I say we bring back a little old school to our relationships.

~ Mara Prose

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