The Fire Within…(A Mara Prose Poem)

Passion 😊👌🏽

Mara Prose Publishing

The Fire Withini.jpg

It aches, it burns, but yet I yearn

The passion is so addicting but its staying power is wilting

I crave the highs and ride out the lows

I daydream of you and me until I am forced back into reality

I want, I need, I must be sensible.  I’m a mother don’t you know

Let it go I say, let it go, the distraction is too costly

Let it go I say, I don’t want to keep falling

I had to renew my focus.  I am sorry you feel used but it is not my intention to abuse

You were just never meant to be a permanent part of the equation

It’s harsh, it’s cold, it’s cruel and it’s bold.  But I left nothing untold.  You are free to try

and hold.  But my life is often in disarray and I don’t have energy to explain it all away.

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2 responses to “The Fire Within…(A Mara Prose Poem)”

  1. So fun! I actually found your blog through Nici’s (she and I have a mutual friend in Denver) a couple of years ago. I feel like blog worlds are colliding, which I’m sure is nothing compared to what you felt. Glad it was so wonderful and loved your words about what women can do with and for each other. True true.

  2. So happy to connect with you! Thank you for following my blog!!!

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