Friday Frankness: WAKE UP!

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I am so glad I created this day where I can just be frank and not care if I offend.  I had the most ignorant, annoying conversation earlier this week with someone so painfully closed minded, it made my head hurt!

He is a black male from Louisiana and I had to endure a conversation of stereotypes, idolization and lack of any cultural understanding.  So let’s begin with the first offense, shall we.

  1. Stereotypes – this idiot had the audacity to say he does not like to talk about politics, that it means nothing to him.  He would rather people just talk about people, not politics.  Politics is for white people, he said.
    • First off, politics is about PEOPLE!  Secondly, when did politics only relate to one race!  Thirdly, this kind of dumb mentality is the reason why stereotypes about black males exist.  He will be the main one crying…

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