Wednesday Wisdom: Impress Yourself

We spend a good part of life focusing on impressing others.  We are saturated with information that tells us how to make lasting first impressions in everything from dates to interviews.  You then have those who like to keep up with the jones and they are all about impressions – mostly false impressions.  I say forget all of that and work to impress yourself.

I chronicle my life in a private journal.  I feel the most successful when I can look back over the past year and say “Wow, I have truly amazed myself!”  Think about how different your life would be if you were all about impressing yourself first.  It is only recently that I have matured enough to fully disregard people’s assumptions, opinions and impressions about my life.  Individual’s perceptions of who you are as a person are primarily out of your control.  You can try your best to make a positive impression, but the reality is that the decision is solely based on that person’s perception.

Today’s Wisdom: Set goals, work towards them and always try to outdo yourself and don’t worry about the next person – their path is not your path.  Life is so much easier and happier when you are focused on becoming the person that makes YOU the most proud of YOU.  Impress Yourself First!

~ Mara Prose


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