Thursday Thoughts: When Waiting Becomes Breathing (A Reblog from boy with a hat)

I felt this was perfect for Thursday Thoughts! Enjoy!

boy with a hat

girl by the lake peaceful

There are times in our life when we have to wait, whether we like it or not.

We may be in a line, stuck in traffic, or on a school bench, waiting for a career.

We may be at work, waiting for the day to end so we can return home.

We may be in a hospital, waiting for life to resume.

We may even be waiting for a date under the shadows of unease.

How do we wait?

Do we fiddle with our phone, tap our foot, roll our hair around our finger?

Do we sigh?

Do we look at the person next to us and roll our eyes?

Is that a good way to wait?

Life’s made up of too many moments of waiting for us to be impatient with them.

Sometime it’s good for life to slow down:

Every moment of waiting is an opportunity to relax,

Even in…

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