Friday Preview: Here is a snippet from my debut novel The Davenports: A Battle of Wills

The Davenports Synopsis
Intro to the Davenports

I receive a lot of inquiries about my upcoming novel, especially after reading the prologue.  I decided I would give my Prosers a little preview from one of my chapters.  The Davenports will grace us with their presence December 2017!  Thank you for remaining interested and supportive! ~ Mara Prose

Deep in her soul, she had a yearning to bring justice to those responsible for her brother’s death. She never believed it was an accident; wouldn’t allow herself to accept that fate would be that cruel to her.  She was furious with her father’s cold disregard of the passing of her beloved brother.  Since Cale had been her father’s pride and joy, she had expected him to honor her brother by launching an additional investigation after the ruling of accidental death was made.  Much to her dismay, Makhail simply isolated himself and moved on as if her brother had never existed.

The pain from these memories still burned strongly within her. She had never been able to let it go, and nothing she did allowed the wounds of her loss to heal.  This trip home was imperative to her future – not only for healing but for vengeance.  Alessandra wanted the world to pay for the void left in her life, and the first person to suffer would be her father, Makhail Davenport.

2 responses to “Friday Preview: Here is a snippet from my debut novel The Davenports: A Battle of Wills”

  1. Thanks Mara! Powerful! Love the cover too

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