Mara Prose 5 Weeks of Reflections

So you must forgive that I am day late in posting my weekly reflection.  I should save this and post it on my birthday tomorrow, but I want that to be nothing but a positive day.  The reflection I plan to discuss is about Pain and that is just not something I want to dwell on for my birthday.

PAIN – Let it Flow

I have learned that repressing my pain is an absolute detriment to my well-being.  You may fool yourself into believing you are not bothered by certain issues but best believe, if it is truly something painful, it will come out.

It is simply a necessary part of life and the sooner you embrace and move past it, the better off you will be.  Lately, I have been grieving certain issues I thought I had simply moved past.  While it is as painful as a son-of-bitch, I have to endure to overcome and put it behind me once and for all.

You can be foolish like me and try to rationalize it away, try to tell yourself it doesn’t bother you and that you just don’t care but the truth is you will have to let go and simply let it flow.  I had repressed my issues for so long, it has been a prolonged grieving period but I am bouncing back.

I no longer feel weak if something makes me cry; I just let the tears flow.  I no long try to brush off hurtful comments from others, I confront them.  See, I can no longer afford to act like I am a woman of steel because it is impossible to operate in life that way.

I encourage all my Prosers to embrace their pain, don’t fight it, let go and let it flow.

Until next time,

Mara Prose




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