#LevelUp – Are more women single because they walk in a ‘Girlfriend’ spirit?

There is a current mixed emotional disucssion taking place on social media, concerning the musicial artist Ciara’s recent instagram post about women learning their true value and not settling.  Her post was based off of a John Gray sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFpHCBubf_E.

I have included the article below for more details.

Here is what Ciara posted and I am not sure how it can be misinterpreted as her trying to shame single women.


If this message causes a woman to become offended and assume they are being belittled by a married woman, they obviously have some soul searching to do.  There is nothing wrong with encouraging women not to settle, focus on their relationship with God and become secure in themselves as a person before becoming a “WE”.  Too many of us rush into relationships without thinking it all the way through; this only leads to regrets.  You do have men preying on the loneliness of women and that is not male bashing, that is a simple fact.  Therefore, we as women have to use our discernment, go with our gut and pay attention to the red flags.

pexels-photo-226166Who has not made the wrong decision at one time or another in their love lives?  Who is without regret for past relationships that are seen as failures?  The point Ciara was making in my opinion, is that women need to learn from their past mistakes, learn to love themselves more and make better choices for their life.  Besides, why attack her for supporting a sermon she agreed with that was delivered by Pastor John Gray – why not attack him?

Once again, if that encouragement causes you to feel bad about your life, then I believe it has simply hit a nerve you have been trying to ignore for some time.  I find it exhausting the way people get offended over every little issue.  No one wants to take accountability and accept the hard truths.  We have to do better, ladies!  We need to stop bashing each other and support one another more.  #LevelUp

Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Black Twitter is pretty upset with Ciara. So…what exactly did she do? Apparently, the mother of two posted a clip co-signing with pastor John Gray, who insinuates that too many women act like a girlfriend instead of wife. The “Goodies” singer captioned it, “#LevelUp. Don’t settle.” Take a look: Interesting, depending…

via Ciara Dragged On Social Media For Instagram Post About Marriage — Black America Web

~ Author Mara Prose

3 responses to “#LevelUp – Are more women single because they walk in a ‘Girlfriend’ spirit?”

  1. Good post Mara! I think that when someone is commenting on their OWN journey that other people should not get offended, they can ponder it and agree or disagree- but realize that it’s not about them. Thanks for giving me something to think about

  2. People attacked her post because she married a famous football player. From so many eyes, going from a “hood” rapper who isn’t loyal, to a spiritual (or religious) football player who married you, is an upgrade.

    So many women made it seem like she was throwing that in their faces. They couldn’t be so far from the truth.

    First, we need to stop looking at the word “upgrade” like it came from a Beyonce video where you see money, cars, clothes, jewelry. Upgrade truly is a finding a better mate than your previous. Someone who truly fits that missing piece to your puzzle. A complimentary piece so to speak.

    That’s what CC found.

    She is only saying, find your self-love first… then you can understand what love truly looks like when it approaches you. As a result, you will #levelup. Based on what we see, Russell Wilson is a good guy who loves her, and Future was a guy who abused her in many ways. They both have money… the upgrade (or level up) is in Character… the most important aspect.

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