Exploring Mondays with Mara Prose…NEW UPCOMING ROMANTIC COMEDY – The Queen of Marriage

Happy Mara Prose Monday!!! I am so excited to announce my first venture into the world of romantic comedies. The book is still in very early, first draft stages but the ideas are flowing and coming together very nicely. Please enjoy the synopsis below and be sure to check out my other work on Amazon: The Davenports: A Battle of Wills, The Journey to Mara Prose: A Poetic Testimonial and soon to be released in the coming weeks, The Davenports: crescendo


She loves the institution of marriage, but it just doesn’t love her.  Will the 5th time be the charm? 

Giselle Branca said yes!  Well, she had said it four times before but who was counting…only her family, friends, co-workers and all the Facebook friends she had never met.  But never mind all that, he was the one, well the fifth; whatever; he was the last!!  So what she had some bad luck in love, who doesn’t?  For some reason, being a long term wife kept alluding her; circumstances just kept getting in the way.  This time would work though, she could feel it.  Her life depended on it. 

Axel Rasmus was head over heels for Giselle but his family and friends were not as overjoyed.  A four time divorcee with no kids and a demanding career did not equate to wife material in their eyes.  He wanted to be the man of her dreams, the one that finally saves her from herself but Giselle was simple exasperating and her own worst enemy.  He knew all about her past and it didn’t matter, he just needed her to let it all go and embrace their future.  Could this beautiful, witty, albeit scatterbrained, accident prone woman handle the future he had planned for them? Only time would tell.

Follow Giselle as she navigates the world of love, online dating, kismet and the revolving door of husbands that just won’t stick.  Author Mara Prose breaks with her usual brand of writing to venture into the world of romantic comedies and brings you a delightfully loveable character in Giselle Branca; a woman with a zest for life, an abiding hope in love and an infallible commitment to becoming a Mrs.

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