The Uniqueness of Me

I initially blogged this in 2017. I am taking time to self-reflect on everything I have written and following it up in 2020. Seeing how far you have come is nice because it helps you navigate where you want to go. A lot of people self-reflect, but they reflect at the surface. Many people claim to reflect but do not take the necessary actions to make the needed changes to progress in their life. I sympathize with them because it is not easy admitting to all your flaws, accepting when you are wrong, and acknowledging that you have so many areas that need improvement in your life.


Facing the Uniqueness of Me

There came a point in my life where a light bulb went off inside my head, and I suddenly dropped all pretense and focused on authenticity.  No one wants to shine a light on their flaws, least of all a person like me who is very set in her ways.  Yet, it was time for me to grow and evolve.

All my Prosers have witnessed my awakening.  I fall in love with this version of me more and more every day.  I am so protective of my peace and avoid anything that threatens it.

Being calmer, more secure, focused, and selfless is a blessing.  I don’t mind sharing my big heart with others.  She stopped being a braggart and pompous ass and just started enjoying her life more quietly.  She listens more than she speaks and empathizes more than she judges.

She has no qualms about admitting her faults and working to correct them.  She finally realizes that she creates her own happiness, although keeping this at play is still a struggle.  This Mara knows when to take a step back, analyze, reassess and then proceed with caution (the former Mara rushed into everything).  She is working on being more of a champion for herself than her worst critic.

There is so much more, but I think you get just it.  I am just an all-around better person.  I see so much beauty in myself and in my life. When I wrote this, I felt like I was still a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. I have emerged, and I am a beautiful butterfly who has found her wings and happily soared to new heights. The point is I accept the Uniqueness of Me.

Until next time,

Mara Prose

One response to “The Uniqueness of Me”

  1. Very nice, Mara. I like the idea of reviewing my writing and assessing it from its future.

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