Hello Prosers! It’s that time again; let’s explore another Monday together.

In an effort to showcase the many talented artists, screenwriters, authors, poets and actors that I am fortunate to have in my circle, I have decided to dedicate at least one Monday a month to their various artistry.

Today, we are showcasing Wayne Petitto Wayne is a talented and well-trained screenplay writer and graduate of ScreenwritingU ProSeries, with a certification in Master Screenwriting. His scripts draw from a very successful and diverse set of past experiences such as serving as a USAF Officer, Navigator, Combat Veteran, and Commander. Wayne also flexes his entrepreneurial muscles by being the proud owner/operator of several businesses. He is often hired for his unique takes on classical realism.

Wayne also attended the Boston Conservatory of Music Class, majoring in Music Composition and Classical Guitar. He dabbles in sculpting; a hobby he learned from his father Albert and his painter of a mother, Julia. Both his parents are highly successful artists in their own right. Wayne began studying script writing in the 80s and he is highly regarded in the industry. When he is not being a master of many talents, he loves to escape in his poetry and has been kind enough to share a few of his favorite pieces with us. Enjoy!!

Silver Lining
Avoid the clouds of darkest shade, As danger lurks within their fold. To reach a goal of great accolade, Dark clouds will surely take their toll. In darkness you must still sense, No matter how faint other senses be. Along tossed and turned adjustments, Comes a new faith filled calm ability. It’s not circumstances that make the person, But what they create to make success certain.

The Call
Who are you, my new dear friend? Let us get married, raise a child or two. God has called us to love to the end. The doctor says you’re no longer just you. Pick-up diapers on the way, is your mission. Your raise came in time, to pay the tuition. You mean to tell me he’s asked you to marry? Congratulations my girl, and the baby you carry. Sure, we’ll take her while you are away, It isn’t the call, it’s all what you say.

No one remembers the black twisted rod. We remember only the joy it brought. For a short joy so many sparks were flowing, Spewing such fun in the dark of night. Lighting our faces, our hearts, all knowing, Soon to be gone, but here, now delight. Left, a burnt wire from behind the scene, Like awakening from an amazing dream. Tossed aside, the ugly burnt ember, But not the joy we all remember.

Yours Truly
What it means to be me, I don’t know myself. So, I’m writing to free, My soul off the shelf. From my bag of tricks, To both you and me. I’ll reveal what ticks, To be yours truly.

Until next time,

Mara Prose

In Development: Mara Prose’s First Animated Feature
More details to come!

Available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.Com
The Davenports: A Battle of Wills (Book 1 in the Davenports series)

Coming 2021
The Davenports: Crescendo (Book 2 in the Davenports Series)

Coming 2022
The Queen of Marriage

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