Author Chat with Amazon Bestselling author, Grace Liang

I was very honored to hold a special edition of The Mara Prose Podcast and interview the wildly successful, Grace Liang. From day one, Grace and I shared a strong spiritual connection and our life journeys seemed to parallel one another; oftentimes experiencing the same emotions during different life challenges that happened to occur around the same periods of time. Her story resonated with me as Grace is a true conqueror and despite the hardships she has faced throughout her life, she refused to be defeated.

Our interview was initially scheduled to last 30 minutes, but we found ourselves lost in conversation for over an hour. Not wanting any of you to miss a moment of this extraordinary interview, I have divided the show into two parts. Part I is now available via Spotify, Google Podcast, Radio Public, Breaker, iHeartRadio, Anchor, and Pocket Cast and I have included a link below. Part II will be released on Monday, February 15th. I hope you will enjoy it as much I enjoyed hosting the show.

Grace Liang Biography:

I am a speaker, energy healing coach and #1 New Release Amazon Best Selling Author of Finding Grace: How to navigate the journey from tragedy to triumph.

My personal stories of living my dream life after overcoming poverty, family abuse, domestic violence, moving to a foreign country, and losing my husband to cancer will bring you hope and inspire you to thrive!

I teach women how to use the Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Process to suffer less and heal faster. I do this by showing women how to tap into their own built-in self-healing power to take back control of your grief and turn grief into growth. I believe that “Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional!” Life after loss is not just about how to survive, but also about breaking through to thrive and love again!

We all deserve to live this lifetime FULLY on earth!

You can read more about Grace’s journey in her book “Finding Grace” which is on sale for $17 to all U.S. shipping addresses (shipping fee and tax included if shipped with the US). Use this link to buy it now!

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