I have some exciting Davenport news to release!

As with any author’s first book, there is a level of growth that is missing due to simple lack of experience. We work hard to bring our fiction to the masses, and oftentimes, that first work falls short in so many areas. My first Davenport book is no exception.

It has taken a while to find a way to navigate this series and produce work that is pleasing to my readers, makes them hunger for the next book, all while staying true to the author I have grown into.

Well, I have found my way and I want to send a special thanks to Grace Liang and Tracy Brogan; my writing muses that sparked a resurgence of creativity, desire and most of all determination to give my readers the very best of my God given talent.

Book 1: A Battle of Wills, is in the process of being remastered with all new material. Book 2: Crescendo is being rewritten to better align with the new material of Book 1. And last but certainly not least, Book 3 has officially been titled Tabula Rasa. Each book has a new design cover created by yours truly, in honor of the rebirth of this trilogy.

I will not be announcing a set release date, but I can tell you the entire trilogy will be released all at once as a complete set via Amazon, Barnes& and local bookstores in the Houston area. A book tour is tentatively scheduled for 2022.

Thank you to all my Prosers for your patience and support in all things Mara Prose!

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