Stop Waiting for PERFECTION and Take Action on Your Dreams TODAY | Ellen Bennett on Women of Impact

Big audacious dreams scare most people back into their regular full time jobs. The sad truth is that the discomfort most of us complain about is usually the comfort we seek when opportunities present themselves to go after those big dreams we secretly carry around. If this sounds familiar or feels familiar to you, then Ellen Marie Bennett’s inspirational story may be the kick you need to find your inner spark and dare to take action. She went from zero experience, being a line cook at a Michelin star restaurant, to jumping at an opportunity to make a difference that led to the multi-million dollar brand, Hedley & Bennett aprons. Her energy is infectious and willingness to dive into discomfort, fail, and figure things out along the way are beyond motivating. This episode is packed with goodies that may have you making some major moves today.

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