Breaking Negative Relationship Patterns…Courtesy of the Rising Woman Instagram Page

It can be easy to start looking back and feel regret and wonder if you ruined your only chance at love, but please know that it isn’t true.

We are all on our unique path and your commitment to being self-aware and taking responsibility is a testament to the goodness of your heart.

You don’t need to go back and change things and you don’t need to swim in a sea of regret because all of your past selves carried you to this point in time – celebrate that.

There’s a reason many people choose never to look inward and heal their patterns, instead focusing externally and blaming the outside world for everything in their lives.

Doing this work is confronting, but without self-compassion it’s not sustainable.  Give yourself the forgiveness and grace that you’d give a small child, you deserve peace.

Every relationship experience that has ended, is now complete.  You are slowly peeling back the layers and walls around your heart and making way for a new kind of love.

It’s ok to release yourself from the past and be present to the ways you are learning, growing and transforming.  You are enough.

Meditate on these words if you have something you need to forgive yourself, free yourself from regrets and stop looking back.

Until next time,

Mara Prose

One response to “Breaking Negative Relationship Patterns…Courtesy of the Rising Woman Instagram Page”

  1. Connie Rodriguez Avatar
    Connie Rodriguez

    Thank you Mara.

    And from Sunday’s teaching:.

    Align with GOD’S design.

    You may be the only “JESUS” other people see.

    There is GRACE for the RACE.

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