Mara Prose chats with Daniel Hess, Awarding Winning Filmmaker & Owner of To Tony Productions

I had a wonderful time becoming better acquainted with Daniel Hess. It was such a pleasure interviewing him and learning more about his film company, To Tony Productions.

To Tony Productions has been producing and creating film content since 2009. What started as a small dream on a college campus for fun, has catapulted into a place of endless creativity, drive, and passion. The company is a dedication to Anthony Ranocchia III; a close friend and cousin who passed away from complications with Cystic Fibrosis. When Daniel decided to open his own film company, he chose to name it after his late cousin in honor of his memory.

Daniel is not only the owner of To Tony, he is also a writer, poet, photographer/videographer, and host of the popular podcast Filmmaker of the Week. In addition to all of those accomplishments, his film Sparrows Point, has been officially selected for the 2021 Nottingham International Film Festival.

I am so very impressed at all of Daniel’s achievements and I look forward to witnessing his talent and production company continue to evolve and progress into the powerhouse filmmaker he is destined to become . I really enjoyed trading war stories and reflecting on the aspects of our lives that drove us to pursue our careers in film and writing. He is such a fun, loving and endearing person, and I am very proud to have him in my circIe. Be sure to listen to my interview with Daniel on The Mara Prose Podcast; I hope you enjoy the show!

Until next time,

Mara Prose

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