Just something to think about…

I find the news nothing less than disturbing. It is to the point now that I do not even want to tune in just to obtain the weather and traffic anymore. Yet, I cannot refrain from reading the headlines and clicking to finish the story. No one can tell me they simply accept the explanations for events that are thrown at us daily, or maybe they can, but I sure don’t. There certainly have to be valid reasons why we are all expected to be obese by the year 2013 and not for the reasons provided in the media. I find it absolutely horrifying that a man, supposedly high on a new form of LSD, will get butt naked, attack a homeless man and proceed to eat the man’s face off. The bigger question here is where did this new drug come from, how did it come into existence and what the hell do we plan to do about it? I personally do not want to have to fear for my own face while simply walking down the street. I mean no one finds it bizarre that this man acted just like a zombie out of one those terrible movies Hollywood likes to produce?

Just something to think about…

I remember seeing Jurassic Park for the first time. I was amazed and scared to death at the same time. I thought at the time, wow, Steve Spielberg is a true genius to produce and direct such a movie. I said to myself he must be super smart in order to come up with the concept of that movie. It would not be until two decades later that I discover he and Michael Crichton simply utilized material from cloning studies already being conducted quietly by government scientist and paleontologists around the world. Therefore in regards to that maniac eating off someone’s face like a zombie, I wonder if this drug has been around and these type of occurrences utilized for entertainment until such time as now when everyone has the ability to capture scenes on their phones and share it on the internet. So my point is, when we hear of something supposedly new happening, how can we really be sure it has not been happening for some time?

Just something to think about…

I promise you I wasn’t always a conspiracy theorist. I used to take everything at face value and it never dawned on me that a lot of the information distributed to our society is full of half truths, falsehoods and blatant lies. It is frustrating not knowing what is what. I miss the days of believing that our government has our best interest at heart; those blissfully ignorant days of trusting that most people were at least attempting to be honest. Now, when I see a politician on tv, I do not see hope for our future, I see a politician. I no longer believe that our government has our greater good at heart. I see politicians as serving a higher purpose that is certainly not God related and definitely does not include our daily pursuits. When the FDA sends out a warning about a drug and tries to pull it from the market, I find myself thinking what good will that do when there are hundreds of other drugs on the market that come with enough side effects to kill anyone that responds to it in a lethal fashion. So what is the point? Are we not just finding out for years they have been enhancing our beef? Even the release of that story makes me wonder why now?

Just something to think about…

I know I cannot be the only one sick and tired of all the stories that report about the various methods of fraud to look out for everyday. I saw a news story just yesterday about verifying beforehand your gas price on the pump matches the gas price advertised on the sign. I simply rolled my eyes when the story said that some gas stations have been experiencing glitches in their systems. Oh give me a break! There is no glitch, they just got caught enough times for it to become a news story. I honestly do not feel like being this aware. Yes, we can attribute that to laziness but mainly it is just overwhelming. I wonder where all this is leading us. Is our whole system simply a huge scam? Nahh, that is too dramatic but it sure as hell feels like it.

Just something to think about…

Until next time, keep reading and reading and reading all my blogs!!

~ Mara Prose

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