Please Shut UP about the FLOTUS and Beyonce friendship!

As always, I was reading headlines online. I came across a few articles about individuals being irate that Michelle Obama took her girls to a Beyonce concert recently. I read another article where allegedly in an interview when asked if she could be anyone else in the world, who would she be, she stated Beyonce. The article went on to chastise the First Lady for picking someone they consider not to be a role model for young girls. My daughter is 9 and while I would not necessarily take her at this point to a concert, at 13, if she wanted to go then I would absolutely join her like any good mother would do. She did not drop the girls off at the concert by themselves, she made it a family event and sat right next to the girls. Hell, it was a star studded event, the same people Michelle has been rubbing elbows with at events for our President. What is the harm in watching a concert together? I am pretty sure Beyonce had the sense to tone some things down as a lot of the crowd was there by personal invitation.

It is no secret I am not a huge Beyonce but that is neither here nor there. I see everyday how her stans, as they are called, consistently attack negative posts that are not all in favor of Beyonce. Ridiculous and I am here to tell anyone who wants to do that on my blog, you really don’t want to go toe to toe with me on a battle of words. If you don’t like what I am saying, might I suggest you move on to the next blog and don’t look back. But I will admit, I did a double take when I heard she and the girls were at Beyonce’s concert. I am not in favor of girls that age attending concerts by entertainers who generally cater to a more mature crowd.

However, in my opinion there is really no one on this earth that is an appropriate role model or hero for anyone. Man is flawed and we cannot see what goes on behind closed doors with all these individuals. I definitely don’t believe an entertainer can be a role model. I believe celebrities can be motivators but ultimately the only role model in my household is Jesus Christ, period.

I am not here to argue whether or not Beyonce is a role model, but I am here to argue the fact that Mrs. Obama has a right to raise her children exactly as she sees fit. This woman is obviously the best role model for her children and is leading by example. She is very smart, has several degrees, is very charitable and for goodness sake, her husband is the President of the United States. I highly doubt the girls will be permanently scarred from attending this concert with their mother. Hello people, there is still YouTube where you can see any and everything.

Please get off your high horses and shut up about this!

I think it would behoove many of us to pay a lot more attention to our own children and set better examples for them. How about we focus on preventing obesity for our children, bullying, keeping them in positive/motivating events? Does that not sound better as opposed to sitting around yapping about how the FLOTUS should not have taken her girls to a Beyonce concert? It is not her fault celebrity status is blown way out of proportion. As for what she stated in the interview, it appears to be very ambiguous in nature to me which hints at a dose of politics, especially with the current election looming before us. I am tired of reading about individuals who feel they can dictate your life. I did not see the interview, nor did I look it up, because frankly she has a right to make a decision as to what is best for her family and who she would like to be in another life.

Please shut up about this!

I make sure my children understand an entertainer is just that, an entertainer. Thankfully, I see, mine are patterning themselves after myself and my husband. Yes, we are flawed individuals as well but I would much rather that than some bubble head off of TV that is following the almighty dollar with no concern for the examples they are leaving behind. No people, it is our responsibility to guide our children; not Beyonce, Michelle Obama or any other person that makes headlines. I am pretty sure Michelle feels the same way. We have cannibals in our news people!! I think we have more serious matters on our hands as opposed to who the First Lady chooses to spend her private time with.

Thanks for allowing me to vent, this topic of interest to so many really irked me. So until another one does the same, please keep reading and sharing my blog!!!

~Mara Prose

2 responses to “Please Shut UP about the FLOTUS and Beyonce friendship!”

  1. Love it!!! Good read.

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