The Importance of Self Worth


Mastering a strong sense of self can be one of the most challenging prospects life throws our way.  I’m not talking about the bravado most of us throw on daily in an effort to appear as if we have it all together.  No, I mean the self worth that comes from a strong sense of self.  The sense of self that allows us to confidently know who we are and where we are going in life, without distraction or doubt.  It is not enough to simply think about your self worth but you must take action everyday in establishing and maintaining your self worth.  The question remains though, how do we really recognize, establish and maintain a healthy sense of self that authentically reflects a confident and secure individual?

In my opinion, I believe one must begin by finding and establishing your own measurement of success.  In life, we come across all sorts of people who love nothing more than to tell you what you “should be doing”.  I remember when I was about to get married and several ladies at work spent most of the day, everyday telling me what I “should be” doing for my soon to be husband.  Now mind you, only one of them was in a long term marriage.  The others were either divorced, single and one was even in an abusive relationship.  It was mind boggling to me as to why they felt I should listen to them for any advice at all.  Then you have those, friends and family members alike, who are always willing to offer their unsolicited advice on your family, career, finances and so much more.  I find that most of these individuals are not even privy to what I like to call “behind the reel” scenes of your life.  They are only versed in the superficial aspects that you allow them to be aware of from time to time.  Yet, they make it a point to make false assumptions about your life, talk about what you “should be” doing behind your back and then proceed to act as an authority on the very life that you and only YOU has to deal with on a daily basis.

I used to think that there were no limits to what you were able to confide in with your family and friends.  But, as the years pass, I learn that it really is best to limit this type of interaction.  For me, it saves a lot of time, heartache and irritation.  I do not feel the need to explain any of my decisions, nor do I have the desire to debate the directions I choose to go in life.  Therefore, I truly believe it is imperative to establish and dictate your own path.  Ignore those that speculate about your life, because you have absolutely nothing to prove to them.  Always ignore the negative comments about who and where you should be in life and follow your heart.  We have the best navigation system in the world that no man-made system can begin to compete with, our Heavenly Father.  Thus, meditate on His word, rely on His guidance and make the best decisions for YOU!!

Secondly, I believe it to be important to establish your own core values and not be content with following the status quo.  Daily depictions of life are very warped and unrealistic.  It is sad how many aspire to those lives depicted on reality shows, movies and other fictitious venues when the key word “fiction” makes it an impossibility.  It is insane how many people look to celebrities as the ultimate dream to achieve when we really have no idea what their “behind the scenes reels” realistically looks like.  It takes a lot of strength and confidence to go against society’s norms but once you do, then you will know for sure that you are well on your way to the establishment of your true self worth.

Mastering self worth does not come with immediate satisfaction.  It comes from putting yourself out there and remaining authentic at all times which let’s face it, is tough.  But it is possible if you keep those naysayers out your ear, surround yourself with uplifting individuals and remember at all times that you are your strongest asset.  Be sure that you do not confuse conceit with self worth because that will get you nowhere.  Remember, the bible tells us our Lord despises arrogance and encourages us to be humble.  It is possible to have self worth and be humble, believe me, and that is what should be aspired to at all times.

I will dive more into this topic in another post but this is a topic that has been a focus for me for the past several months.  I wanted to share the knowledge I have come to accept and that I believe will assist others in their quest to find themselves.  It is important to remember that this could be a lifelong journey but it is also important to keep striving for the establishment of your self worth.  Be sure to constantly surround yourself with only those individuals who will help you achieve this ultimate state of being and realize judgmental individuals are nothing but a detriment.

Until next Sunday, make it a point to work towards a strong sense of self!

~ Mara Prose

One response to “The Importance of Self Worth”

  1. Marie Kindred Avatar
    Marie Kindred

    humble oneself and to have a strong sense of self worth…now that is some serious character building! Very good….

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