What’s done in the dark…


Everyone knows that age old saying of “what is done in the dark, shall come to the light.” In my opinion, this saying can be interpreted in a number of ways. Today, I choose to utilize it in the sense of those who are afraid to confide their fears, doubts and depression in others. Instead, they sit back quietly suffering while the world goes on around them. In the best of situations, those who are suffering in this capacity seek help in the form of therapy, friends and family and/or the Word of God. Others are taking the route of utilizing antidepressants. A recent article stated that over 75% of Americans are on some form of antidepressants. What is that saying about our society? Where are the support systems and why are individuals afraid to confess this inner turmoil that tries to consume their life? In the worst of situations, we have those who to choose to hurt others or take their own life because for whatever reason, they felt they could not obtain the help they needed to overcome their internal battles with the darkness that tries to consume so many. What’s done in the dark, will always come to the light. My concern is that once it comes to the light, it will be too little too late for that individual.

I am fortunate I have a strong support system. True, there are those of you who really do not want to confess their inner turmoil to others because they will only make it worse. But everyone should have at least one person they can go to in their time of need to help them work out life’s challenges. No one should have to suffer in silence and I wonder daily how we can reach those individuals before it is too late. If you are unhappy, depressed, lost or confused, you really should seek out someone to help guide you to the path that will bring you out of this funk. If you have no one, honestly, you do not need anyone because our Heavenly Father is always there ready and willing to carry you through your times of troubles. Times are really tough these days and I have been in those dark moments where things seemed hopeless and overwhelming. Everyday is a battle to make sense out of a world of chaos. But you have to be strong in the wake of all the chaos and believe there really is a higher purpose for your existence. If you have children, think about the joy they bring. If you are married, renew your faith and excitement about this union. If you are in a job you despise, stick with it until you can make changes and find a place you can go and enjoy, even if it means making less money.

See, the devil will try to convince you that you are not worthy of happiness. That is why so many people turn to medications without realizing these do more harm than good. You have to bring your troubles to light and not allow them to fester inside. It is so much better for your health, well being and inner spirit. Think of it as a way of seeking wisdom and guidance that you did not previously hold. But more importantly, I believe it is important to realize that we are not meant to make this journey alone. God places people in our life for a reason and his timing is always impeccable. So if we would just open ourselves to others, we could find a lot solace during our most troubled times. We all are guilty of putting on a fake smile at times but secretly wishing someone would look closely enough to see how broken we really are inside.

I will say this though, you must choose wisely who you confide your troubles in. There are some friends, family members, and associates who are not worthy of your confessions. They do not have your best interest at heart and some secretly celebrate your troubled times because it makes them feel better about their own miserable lives. They may even tear you down even more just to feel better about themselves, or purposely lead you astray. Therefore, seek out those who truly bring comfort, sincerely want to be there for you and can bring you peace of mind.

I will touch on this topic more in future blogs. In the meantime, for all those who are feeling lost, stuck and depressed, might I suggest you pick up a copy of the book “Stop Saying You’re Fine – Discover a More Powerful You” by Mel Robbins. It truly helped me to reevaluate my life and gain a new appreciation for all the blessings that have been rained down upon me.

Until next Sunday, stay prayerful, keep your head up and surround yourself with positive, caring individuals who uplift you.

~ Mara Prose

2 responses to “What’s done in the dark…”

  1. Marie Kindred Avatar
    Marie Kindred

    As always I love your insight and powerful words of truth….I love you sweetie!

    1. Thanks Auntie!! Love u too!

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