The Purpose of Seeking Spiritual Fulfillment


By now, you all know that I constantly have my nose buried in some type of reading material. So once again, based on an article I read recently (of which I will soon start providing links for), it stated that many Christians practice in name only. They will talk a good game, quote the bible like nobodies business, yet they have no follow through. Their spiritual walks are actually lacking and they fail to seek out the Lord’s wisdom on a daily basis. Many attend church without attaining their spiritual fulfillment and are generally seen in service simply going through the motions. Based on these facts, is it any wonder that these same individuals begin to doubt the word of God?

So what then is the purpose of seeking spiritual fulfillment? For me, it entails seeking God’s purpose in everything I do. Without my daily meditation on the Word of God, the negativity of the world would seep into my daily interactions. This daily practice allows me to rise above all the nonsense in the world, the toxic individuals and ignore those matters that serve no real value in my daily walk. Simply put, everyday I put on the armor of God and never allow myself to drift far from spiritual fulfillment. My morning meditations bring a calmness to my day that might not otherwise be present. I have noticed a significant difference in the way I handle conflict, stressful situations and my life in general. I attend church regularly to provide me the scriptures I need to focus on throughout the week and I seek out additional knowledge in the forms of books, articles and other sermons posted online. By these means alone, I am in a constant state of spiritual fulfillment but there is so many other areas where I can continue this journey.

Another way I seek spiritual fulfillment is by surrounding myself with inspirational individuals of all walks of life. These individuals not only provide inspiration, but wisdom and guidance for my spiritual walk. I regularly read books by spiritual authors such as Iyanla Vanzant, who already have books published on most of the topics in my studies. One never knows what spiritual enlightenment will take place by interacting with those on a similar spiritual path. Via my blog alone, I have established spiritual connections and new friendships that have provided interesting discussions and ideas I might never have contemplated otherwise. The fulfillment this provides can never be accurately stated in words as it is simply a multitude of feelings that words cannot measure.

Anyone who knows me well is very familiar with my volunteer efforts. I love to volunteer to assist with different events. Yet, most do not even realize that my volunteer efforts are a huge part of my spiritual fulfillment. It is the self sacrifice and the giving back that brings me peace, joy and happiness. Additionally, these events serve as a part of my self improvement process and fall right in line with my favorite saying “that I am a constant work in progress for our Heavenly Father.” This side of my personality keeps me humble and never allows me to get beside myself in life as I did in my younger years. My good deeds are wholehearted and not compensatory — it is simply helping someone else without a concern for personal gain.

As always, I will add this to growing list of many topics I plan to touch on again in a later blog. Until such time, I simply wanted to point out the importance of seeking spiritual fulfillment and what this path brings to my life. The ultimate purpose for me, is to work at finding peace in a world of chaos and equally chaotic individuals. It is a method of cooperating with God and purposely seeking all that He desires in our lives — peace, love, happiness and empowerment. We all hunger for something, so why not make are hunger coincide with the hunger our Lord has for us to seek out his purpose all day everyday. Just remember, we can find spiritual fulfillment in much more than church and the bible because God is everywhere.

Until next time, take steps to seek out your own spiritual fulfillment!!

PS A special thanks to SISTAH Talk Magazine for providing me with my first publication and including my blog “The Importance of Self-Worth” in your June 2012 issue!!

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