My Legacy, please be true to me…




The initial version of this blog was written several months ago but it was not one of my prouder moments.  After re-reading it recently, I knew it deserved a complete overhaul.  I must admit, I find it exhausting to be referred to as the little girl I used to be just because you missed a big portion of my life.  A legendary preteen and teenage temper seem to ever follow me throughout life, especially when I connect with someone from my younger school days.  I rarely find it amusing to discuss it anymore, considering I am a God-fearing wife, mother and entrepreneur; not to mention I am 37 years old now!  It is overly redundant and unnecessary to only reminisce about and commonly reference “Remember when Mara used to”; when you should be saying “What has Mara been up to?”.

I am so proud of my growth.  The legacy I desire to leave behind is the one I am striving towards daily.  I can recall recently stumbling across a quiz during one of my random visits to Facebook-ville, via the online application, that was titled “What do you want your obituary to say about you?”  Morbid much?  Yes, very, and I honestly had no interest in taking the test.  However, if you rephrase that to “What is the legacy you want to be remembered for?”  Aha!  You have appropriately addressed the very same topic but it sounds so much more appealing.

The Mara legacy should consist of the fact that I have been the proud mentor of the same little girl since she was in 3rd grade and is now in 9th grade attending Bellaire High School.  The Mara that volunteers a lot of her time in various charity events deserves more recognition than a rebellious child.  Another huge part of my life that most are not aware of is the Mara that has been battling and kicking the ass of Multiple Sclerosis for the past 6 years.  And of course, it would be remise of me to exclude the Mara who is in love with the arts.

Unlike most, I also have a Mara Prose legacy that will be left behind.  It should consist of not a only the title of blogger, but an author, a playwright, a poet and a screenwriter.  There is a certain standard that I have established for my writing that I want to uphold; hence the rewrite of this blog.  It is a nice feeling to know who you are, where you are going and not worry about anyone’s stamp of approval but your own.  My writing is a large reflection of who I am.  For those that are always so curious about me, all one needs to do is read my work and look at the books I read. Yet at the same time, there’s such a delightful spark of intrigue to allow the world small glimpses of my show and tell, song and dance if you will and allow them to do what they are going to do anyway – judge and try to define you.

A legacy deserves to be tarnish free; well at least nothing more than tinged.  Toxicity is just that, toxic, and no longer worth any time or energy in my opinion.  In order to establish a firm foundation for your legacy, you need a clear view of the horizon that lies before you.  If it is clouded with drama, fear, anxiety, jealousy and then you are likely to have a very slow trip to your destination.  Life is so short and precious and I just find it easier to build my own circle so I can focus on clarity in regards to my ultimate purpose in life.  Thus, it is imperative that you guard it literally with your life.

No one knew about my MS until recently.  I entrusted this information to only a small, select few over the past six years.  However, don’t most individuals who leave a legacy have something they advocate for?  I am also in the process of recovering from a TIA, a mild stroke, that was unexpected and remains unexplained.  So you see, I have to value every day, every second, every moment and every experience.  I am here to have a good time, praise my Heavenly Father and be the best person I can be.

I am glad to have taken the time to revise this blog.  You can state your purpose so much more elegantly when you take the time to focus on perspective.  It really did not need to be so emotional and I just felt it was unfair to my followers.  My legacy and blog are about dreams, aspirations, inspirations and motivations.  It should be a fun escape from life for you just as much as it is for me.  Please stay tuned as I go through revising, editing, short storytelling and overall providing entertainment for the masses.

Until next time,

~ Mara Prose


3 responses to “My Legacy, please be true to me…”

  1. Thanks for keeping it real, lady. This brings up a very relevant lessons learned that we all could benefit from – the consequences of clinging to those made up images of people we have. Why won’t we let go of the pretend images of those in our lives, the ones we’ve made up? Good question and would be a good discussion – but the bottom line is when we do, when we insist that the other be someone who they are not – we damage the chance for relationship. We choose our own comfort over real relationship. We value a static appearance which we ourselves have deemed correct over the dynamic, rich and fertile ground of relationship. You go Mara – and always sending you love and light on your journey.

    1. Thank you for understanding where I was coming from. I have been feeling the need to say this for some time. So many of my friends keep pigeon holing me in that old Tahmara days and don’t understand the Mara that I have become. It is irritating and annoying. I want to be understood for who I am now, so thank you thank you for being such an awesome supporter!!!!

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