#ThursdayThoughts: To Know Yourself, Is To Love Yourself

Thursday Thoughts To Know Yourself Mara Prose

Know it, feel it, embrace it

Know it takes time to learn it all

Want it, Need it, Desire it

Want the knowledge of self above everything else

Seek it, Pursue it, Find it

Seek the new horizons that await when you give them a chase

Share it, Embody it, Emulate it

Share your experiences for the benefit of others

Totality is a process.  It comes in waves.  Everyday is a new expression to learn life’s lessons.  When you are young, enjoy the beauty of youth.  As you grow, never forget your youthful lessons.

Evolution begins with an epiphany.  That epiphany spawns reflection.  Reflection creates direction.  Direction leads into connection.  Connection warrants inspection.

To know yourself, is to love yourself.

~ Mara Prose

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    Self awareness 😊👌🏽

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