#ThursdayThoughts:When I Stop And Pray (A William Robinson Poem)

When I Stop and Pray Poem

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When the storm clouds boil around me,
And the lightning splits the sky–.
When the howling wind assails me,
And life’s sea is rolling high–
When my heart is filled with terror,
And my fears, I can’t allay–
Then I find sweet peace and comfort,
When I simply stop and pray.

When the things of life confound me,
And my faith is ebbing low–
When my trusted friends betray me,
And my heart is aching so–
When the night seems black and endless,
And I long for light of day–
Then I find a silver dawning,
When I simply stop and pray.

There are things beyond the heavens
I can’t begin to understand,
But I know that God is living,
And I know He holds my hand.
Yes, I know He watches o’er me
All the night and all the day–
And He’s always there to hear me
When I simply stop and pray.

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  1. great poem for sure

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