Friday Frankness: The Biggest Fools on Social Media

Let’s be FRANK.  Everyday, we witness stupid little trolls sitting behind their computer screens attacking people for no reason at all.  It is sad that people do not have enough respect, dignity and common sense not to act a fool on social media.  When I read articles, I always read the comments section; against my better judgment.  Most of the time, I am able to get more insight into the article by reading other’s opinions and knowledge about the topic.  But then, there are those who have to come in and start racially slandering others, attacking individuals for their posted opinions and just downright creating strife.

Why?  What is the purpose?  Let’s talk about Leslie Jones.

Leslie Jones Friday Frankness.png

It’s disgusting the way she has been treated simply for being successful.  She was attacked on twitter, had her website hacked and all her private information released.  All this was too humiliate and degrade her.

Let’s talk about Gabby Douglas, who was recently brought to tears by cyber bullys.  She can’t even enjoy her success at the Olympics without hate being spewed at her.

Gabby Douglas Friday Frankness

Instead of simply focusing on Gabby’s talent, there were assholes who were making fun of her hair, worried about her stance for the national anthem and so much more.  Come people, stop the stupid pettiness.  None of these are major issues that need to be addressed.  These are simply distractions from the real problems of the world and idiots gladly buy into it.

I also recall recently how many people attacked Jennifer Aniston when she simply penned an article expressing her frustration with the tabloid media.

Jennifer Aniston Friday Frankness.jpg

I felt her article was well written and her concerns with the unrealistic pressures put on young girls by the false images projected by Hollywood were valid.  But many didn’t see it that way, and chose to diminish her good intentions.  The objection of women is real and people need to deal with it.

I am sick and tired of the BS.  I really want it to stop.  I am tired of people getting offended on a whim.  I am sick of people attacking others for their opinions.  I am angered that we have so many individuals getting pleasure from sheer hate.  Ignorance has placed a dark shadow on social media.

I will say this.  To all the trolls and assholes of social media, go get a life.  If you don’t like a celebrity, don’t follow them.  If you disagree with someone’s comment, ignore it.  If all you can do to feel good about yourself is bash someone else,  you need to grow some.

As my blog following grows, I fully anticipate that some will come at me in some hateful fashion in one way or another.  I am here to tell you BRING IT!  I am so ready for an ignorant troll to attack me or my followers .  I will enjoy demolishing you with my words and giving as good as I get.  If you comment on my blog, you better be respectful.  Just know you have been warned.

I pray that our world becomes a better place.  I doubt that it will as technology continues to grow and evolve.  But today, I simply wanted to be FRANK.

~ Mara Prose

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