#ThursdayThoughts: Are You Listening To The Right Voice?

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Questions for today:  “How familiar are you with your inner voice?  How often do you actually take heed and follow the guidance of that inner voice?  Do you feel your inner voice is generally right or generally wrong?”

I am finally at a place where my inner voice (aka gut instinct) plays a more prominent role in my decisions.  I honestly do not like to listen to a lot of outside opinions regarding my life journey; not everyone’s truth is going to equate to my own.  However, I do rely heavily on the general sense I get about things.  I am not always right but for the most part, my gut instinct is spot on about people and certain situations.

“Your inner voice is often the life coach you need in tough times.” ~ Shine App

It takes peace of mind, patience and the willingness to correct mistakes in order to master the art of intuition.  It is not easy but it is imperative for a happier and more blissful way of life.  Sometimes, you just have to throw all logic and caution to the wind and follow that inner voice wherever it may lead.  Just be sure you are not listening to the wrong voice; the voice that diminishes who you are as a person.

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, transcending all individual abilities and skills. ~Sylvia Clare

When it is all said and done, your voice should simply push you to a better YOU.  Shut out all the outside noise, negative nellys, and insecure/jealous individuals, as these people are detrimental to your inner voice and will drown out what you really need to hear. So today, I want you to hone your instincts and start on a new quest to fully develop your intuition.

~ Mara Prose


2 responses to “#ThursdayThoughts: Are You Listening To The Right Voice?”

  1. Love this Mara. I’m not sure I know what my inner voice sounds like, but I’m listening.

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