Friday Frankness: Stop Whining!

Stop Whining


The meme above gave me the idea for today’s topic.  Many of us have dreams, aspirations and goals that never come to fruition.  We whine and complain about the lack of equality in the world, yet I cannot recall a time when a 100% equality actually existed.  Sure, it is something we need to strive for, but we should not allow this to hinder us from pursuing our passions.

We need to stop giving things so much power over us.  We need to stop feeding into the ignorance the media shoves down our throats daily.  If you are unhappy with your life, change it.  If you want something, chase it!

We all have the ability to change whatever we don’t like in our life; it is fear that holds us hostage.  Oftentimes, we are the ones that impose our own limitations by lacking faith, confidence and willpower.  It’s very simple, be the change you want to see and STOP WHINING!

~ Mara Prose


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