Mara Prose Monday! False Assumptions


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It still amazes me how so many people are interested in my marriage.  What happened, why the separation, and then the rumors that start from the little information I provide.

False assumptions are so rampant and frankly I find them annoying.  We look at pictures, read articles that are slanted for entertainment and pass judgment on people we barely know.  In regards to my marriage, it is a personal matter between me and my husband.  Whatever happens is God’s will and He is the only one I truly confide in.  You can probably ascertain some of the feelings I go through from my previous poetry but then again, maybe not.

I believe that more people need to keep their business to themselves and work things out without an audience such as Facebook or Twitter.  Not to be harsh, but there is no one in this world close enough to me that needs to know all my private business.

Even most of my friends and family are not privy to all my inner thoughts. The point of this post is there is nothing wrong with being private.  You are under no obligation to explain your actions to others.  Don’t let people guilt trip you into spilling all the beans when you are going through some hard times.

This is not to say that you should never have confidantes.  Please do not misunderstood me.  If you have people you trust, by all means enjoy the blessing of having that special someone(s) that you can talk about anything with.  I am simply saying be careful.  Right now, I am enjoying being my own best friend and drowning out all the noise of others.  Some mean well but I take what they say with a grain of salt.  It is impossible to speak on things when you have not experienced it first hand.

There is a lot of people who will smile in your face, sympathize and then talk about you behind your back.  I have a lot of those in my life which is why they are relegated to simply associates.

Today’s message is simply CHOOSE WISELY!

~ Mara Prose


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