Tuesday Thoughts: When the bough breaks…

I recently read in an article that the older you get, the less friends you will have.  In the past few days, two long term friendships have ended and there is no remorse.

Each one of those relationships had evolved into something unrecognizable.   Where there was once love, respect and mutual appreciation, it was replaced with distance, hostility and loss of support.  I have my suspicions of what really brought this on – jealousy, envy, personal problems – but I’m not going to give it any energy.

Today’s thoughts are about not feeling guilty when relationships have run their course.  I still have a hard time listening to that inner voice that tells me to let certain people go.   Just because someone calls you their best friend, doesn’t mean they are yours.

When a friendship appears to have run its course, let it go.  People evolve all the time and time waits for no one.  Arguments will happen, friendships will end but don’t you let it make you feel guilty.

My point is, value yourself.  Embrace your evolution and that it will not include some people.  And to the now ex-friend who told me I don’t know how to be a friend; no sweetheart, I just couldn’t meet your demands for the type of friendship you required.  And you know what, that’s ok because life goes on and there are some amazing people in my life and I meet new people everyday.

Tuesday Thought: Love yourself. Forgive your faults.  And don’t hesitate to clean your friendship house when you need to.

~ Mara Floyd

4 responses to “Tuesday Thoughts: When the bough breaks…”

  1. Your other post was so heartfelt and it saddens me to read that you have ended what sounds like once valued friendships. Have you truly outgrown those people or have your expectations of them made you look at things differently? Jealousy, envy, and personal problems rarely interfere with true friendships. Do you think they were never your friend to begin with? I’m curious. I would hate for anyone to experience what I deal with daily. What I wouldn’t give to have one of our crazy conversations again. I think they still love you as do you them or you wouldn’t blog about it as much – friends that is. Following your own path and dancing to your own music does not mean turning away from friends. Think of all the times those two people were there for you over the years. Not all bridges are meant to be burned and some fences are worth mending. I’ll be praying for you and them because if they are like me, they will indeed miss the friendship you all once shared.

    1. Thank you for your insightful response. I believe one was never my friend but the other friendship meant a lot to me and I’m praying about it. I know I’ve changed a lot and growing and I do believe it affected us. The second friendship I hope to mend. I want them to feel the happiness I feel daily. Sadly that is not the case, and I’ve been used as a convenient source for them to take out their disappointments in life for. Yesterday’s blog was a reblog from 4 years ago. I’m going to take what you have said to heart and really analyze these relationships. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prompting me to really think twice. Huggs to you!!

  2. We all know life’s disappointments can be difficult for us to live through and sometimes others to understand.Often those going through it don’t know where to begin or how they will overcome. I hope they would not project those frustrations onto you or the friendship. Just consider how that one friend might be feeling – having some rough times and now the loss of a friendship. My heart goes out to them because they remind me so much of my own friend. I never stopped to reverse the situation and put myself in her shoes to truly understand why she in the latter of our relationship couldn’t be by my side when that is what she’d always done before. How she must have hated me for shutting her out when life was already beating her down. My gosh the painful memories. Hope it works out.

    1. Well said!!! And thank you. I love the way you help me see outside of my own selfishness

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