Let’s Get Political…BOW DOWN FOR WHAT?


I am so pleased that Joseph Hare agreed to be today’s guest blogger.  He has a powerful message to deliver.  Enjoy! ~ Mara Prose

Omarosa: ‘Every Critic, Every Detractor, Will Have to Bow Down to President Trump’

by Josh Feldman | 7:40 pm, September 22nd, 2016

Source: http://www.mediaite.com/online/omarosa-every-critic-every-detractor-will-have-to-bow-down-to-president-trump/


As we prepare for the first televised debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I am wondering if the minds of Americans will be able to understand what they will hear, as to its believability and truth to proof.

As with EVERY candidate who has competed for POTUS, especially in recent years, today’s candidates have launched many efforts to bring to public influence anything that serves to distract and persuade positive public feelings away from each other’s platform, with the hope of landing those positive feelings onto their own platform.

But after viewing the clip linked above, I am saddened, but not surprised, to realize the entire motive driving Donald Trump’s pursuit for POTUS is capsulated in his deep seated narcissism and his unquenchable, burning desire to get revenge for the hurt brought upon it by relatively fact-based jabs of jest from President Obama, the first Black President of the United States.

The commentary in the clip that convinced me of what I have written here was brought forth by Omarosa, an African- American woman Trump selected as a part of his campaign team. You must watch the clip in its entirety to properly get the vibe. It presents the predominant drive and primary motive behind Trump seeking the job of POTUS as nothing more than his fury against a black President who told some jokes about him. To think ANY patriotic AMERICAN who values the role of POTUS and its place in American democracy would seriously consider a candidate with such narcissistic arrogance is insulting to the intelligence of thinking people.

What is presented in this clip about Donald Trump, along with his many provocations of violence and hostility and malice among Americans during his campaign, conjures a mental picture of an America that combines its pre-civil war era with its pre-civil rights era with its wild wild west era. This is what Trump calls the GREAT he want to make America again! And senseless people actually want this!! NOT HAPPENING!!!

While the many domestic terrorist groups who long for the destruction of America are pushing to get Trump elected, I stand with amazed wonder and expectation to see every true American come TOGETHER to stop such a tragedy from happening.

We have TWO major candidates for POTUS at present… TWO! Voting for one or the other is the way it works. Splitting the votes by writing in a candidate or voting for a minor candidate or just not voting for either will simply leave your vote to count less significant than that which drives the actions of the electoral college.

America… LETS COME TOGETHER! Let’s engage our democratic process in the way it is designed, imperfections and all. Let’s exercise the right to vote that so many suffered and died to obtain for us! Let’s keep a dangerous capitalistic narcissist from the most powerful and influential position in America, yea the world. Let’s be realistic about the qualifications one needs to drive this nation to a greater place in this world.

Yes, the POTUS may need to take a joke, but not BE a joke! We MUST come TOGETHER and turn out to vote, making the best choice we have who is prepared, qualified, humble, patriotic, strong, and not provocative of violence among Americans. HILLARY CLINTON is THAT candidate!!

No bowing down, just standing up, for all that continues to make America GREAT… YOU!!!

Joseph Hare



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