Friday Frankness: WAKE UP!


I am so glad I created this day where I can just be frank and not care if I offend.  I had the most ignorant, annoying conversation earlier this week with someone so painfully closed minded, it made my head hurt!

He is a black male from Louisiana and I had to endure a conversation of stereotypes, idolization and lack of any cultural understanding.  So let’s begin with the first offense, shall we.

  1. Stereotypes – this idiot had the audacity to say he does not like to talk about politics, that it means nothing to him.  He would rather people just talk about people, not politics.  Politics is for white people, he said.
    • First off, politics is about PEOPLE!  Secondly, when did politics only relate to one race!  Thirdly, this kind of dumb mentality is the reason why stereotypes about black males exist.  He will be the main one crying racial discrimination if Trump gets elected because he was too stupid to get out and vote.
  2. Idolization – then the idiot started talking about the music industry.  He said Beyoncé was a bigger star than Michael Jackson ever was and that she has way more hits than Michael Jackson.  He said Beyoncé is gangster and he planned to attend her concert and scream like a little bitch.
    • First off, don’t speak on things when you really don’t know your facts.  I don’t care who you like better or think is better.  My problem is that after the first part of the conversation where he felt politics was only for white people, then he wanted to turn his ignorant behind around and idolize a woman who is making political statements (but he doesn’t like politics) through her music and is the epitome of what he considers bougie.  We will get to the bougie discussion next.  Hell, let’s just jump right to his stupid definition of what bougie entails.
  3. Bougie – First, let me say I abhor this stupid terminology.  I wish people would stop using and identifying with it; especially when you don’t understand it’s true origins or definition like our friend who I have on blast right now.  He stated he can’t stand bougie people and when I asked him what his definition of the word was, he stated it was people that were all educated, dressed in penny loafers and listened to classic music.  Heaven help me!   Had he been in my face, I would’ve tried to slap some sense into him.  So basically, anyone who improves themselves by gaining education, dressing professional and listens to music outside of rap is BOUGIE!  Really?  Not to mention, it goes right back to instead of learning about different people, he is more comfortable with just making assumptions.  However, becomes offended when someone makes assumptions about him even though he comes across as extremely ignorant and let’s just say it, DUMB!

This is not about being black or white, this is about ignorance in its rawest form.  This is about people who are too lazy to read, learn and get to know how other people truly live.  This is about someone who walks around in hypocrisy but attempts to speak as if they are intelligent, yet sorely lacking in any kind of intelligence.  This is about what is holding us back as a nation.  Incorrect judgments about the way someone lives and how they conduct their lives is the cause of so much turmoil in this world.  This is about not accepting differences and I am so very sick of small minded individuals like the person I am speaking of who make it hard for us to progress.

This is why I have asked my new friend, Joseph Hare, to be my guest blogger for Monday.  I want him to expound on this topic of frustration for me.  I know you will enjoy his post, so please tune in to Mara Prose Monday to check it out.


~ Mara Prose

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