Dating Tales: Mr. Perfect



Today’s tale is a happy, romantic, The Notebook kind of tale.  My friend wanted me to share that not all online dating results in a fiasco.  Enjoy!

Kara believed that meeting Devin was truly love at first sight.  Of course, she couldn’t tell him that for fear of scaring him off.  Yet, the minute she locked eyes on him, she knew he was the one for her.

They had met on online via a group chat about breeding horses and spent months just simply being pen pals.  Once they decided to finally meet in person, Kara was already smitten and daydreaming about a future with Devin.

He was the sweetest, kindest man she had ever met.  She had been on so many awful first dates but she refused to give up.  Their first date was phenomenal and Kara was blown away at how well they truly connected.  They talked until the restaurant closed and then resumed their conversation at a 24 hour coffee shop.  Kara went to work the next morning extremely tired and hopelessly in love.

They became inseparable.  Devin loved to wine and dine her and Kara enjoyed just being with him no matter what they did.  He took an interest in her pottery and even signed them up for a class so he could learn her hobby.  Kara tried her best to grasp his favorite sport, football, just to please him.  Devin in turn rewarded her with weekend getaways to visit various museums since she loved them so.  They complimented each other so well, it was like living in a romantic fairy tale.

But life will always find a way to throw a wrench into perfection.

Devin’s job was transferring him to Cincinnati, Ohio.  Kara had never lived any place other than Texas and she found herself heartbroken at the thought of him leaving.  Devin had become such an important part of her life, she wasn’t sure how she was going to start over without him.  Devin felt the same way and asked her to relocate with him.  Kara just didn’t know how she was going to pack up and leave all her friends and family.

As the months passed between the Devin’s impending move and Kara’s indecision, their world started to crumble a little.  They had their first fight when Devin impatiently asked Kara if she had made up her mind or not.  When Kara said she was still trying to decide, Devin became angry and said he felt like they needed to put some space between them for the next few days.  If he was going to have to be without her, it was best he start learning how to do so.  This crushed Kara even more.

One week before Devin’s move, Kara finally decided she needed to be smart about her future and not accept his offer to relocate.  Devin was crushed but said he knew that was going to be her decision and he respected her for it.  He told Kara he was always a phone call away and if she changed her mind, the offer would remain.

Kara couldn’t bring herself to watch Devin as he departed.  They agreed to meet at the now infamous coffee shop where it all started and say their goodbyes.  Kara cried her eyes out but knew she was making the right decision.  Devin also looked forlorn and for the first time since they had begun dating, they were at a loss for conversation.

Kara couldn’t eat or sleep for weeks after Devin left Texas.  The long distance communication was not enough for her and despite her family’s rational objections, Kara called Devin after two months of being apart and told him she was moving to Ohio.  She put her house on the market, quit her job and left everything she knew for the man she loved.   They were married after six months and now they are celebrating 17 years of marriage!

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and follow your heart.

~ Mara Prose

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