The Fire Within…(A Mara Prose Poem)

The Fire Withini.jpg

It aches, it burns, but yet I yearn

The passion is so addicting but its staying power is wilting

I crave the highs and ride out the lows

I daydream of you and me until I am forced back into reality

I want, I need, I must be sensible.  I’m a mother don’t you know

Let it go I say, let it go, the distraction is too costly

Let it go I say, I don’t want to keep falling

I had to renew my focus.  I am sorry you feel used but it is not my intention to abuse

You were just never meant to be a permanent part of the equation

It’s harsh, it’s cold, it’s cruel and it’s bold.  But I left nothing untold.  You are free to try

and hold.  But my life is often in disarray and I don’t have energy to explain it all away.

I’m fascinating to you because I don’t chase you.  You are intrigued by me because you

don’t quite get me.

The fire within burns furiously but I am trying to make it simmer

I don’t want this liability because it makes me a causality

Can’t you just let it be?  Why does it have to be something more?

Let me heal, let me grow, let me enjoy everything I am coming to know.

Let’s calm the fire within

~ Mara Prose

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