Catch Me If I Fall…



My sister recently sent me a link to download the Marco Polo app.  It touts itself as being a walkie talkie video chat.  I initially downloaded it so I could chat with my sister more often.  However, since that time, I have added several of my closest friends.  I decided to use this app to uplift, support and allow all of us just to vent about our days without judgment, without pettiness and without negativity.  It is the best thing I have ever done!

Last night, my girls supported me by attending the Platinum Divas Fashion Show with me that I helped to advertise. Afterwards, we had dinner and drinks.  I will be the first to tell you that no matter how close I am to someone, I never confide my troubles or thoughts to anyone.  When things are rough, I go into a shell and don’t even let my friends know anything until the storm has passed.  Generally, my feelings come out in my poems or writing but never directly to someone.

But the Marco Polo app has really allowed me to open up.  It is wonderful to be able to simply open the app and talk with my friends about everything that is going on in my life.  My friends love me and care about me and only want the best for me.  They support me, they help me and they are there whenever I need them.  And for once in my life, I am also reciprocating.  Now that we have this connection, I can be the better friend I have always wanted to be.    We have created a group chat on there but we also have individual one on one chats with people.

Now, do not get it confused with another Skype since it is not real time.   But it is wonderful to be able to record a video chat and then each person can watch it when they have time and respond.  So we are literally able to chat all day.

I say this because I feel everyone should have some type of strong support system.  Life is so hard and it is not going to get any easier.  The wonderful part about it is that you do not have to go it alone.  The key is to find true friends and gravitate towards the family that loves you unconditionally and offers the same type of support.

I haven’t been this happy and at peace in a long time.  God has placed some amazing people in my life right now and I can’t imagine not having them there while I continue to grow and discover new things.

Until next time, don’t be afraid to reach out to those who want to offer love and support.  Believe me, it makes life so much easier.

~ Mara Prose

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