Bliss (A Mara Prose Poem)


Picture courtesy of true_bliss

The clouds are gone
The rain has ceased
Life is good and
I’m at peace

I’m no longer falling apart
If anything, I am a lot more smart

I have friends and family I treasure
I have a significant other I adore
For now, just know he is mi amor

It’s good to be back
I’ve been gone too long
But now I’m strong and
I’ve righted all my wrongs

I’m in BLISS, what can I say
Nothing is amiss, I’m just in BLISS

Please let me keep my bliss
You know who you are
Just let me go, let me fly and say your final goodbyes
Don’t ask why
Just wish me well and don’t raise hell
Because I’m in BLISS

~ Mara Prose

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