Friday Frankness: When Someone Shows You Who They Are, PLEASE BELIEVE IT!



I cannot tell you how many people I have come across who always ignore the signs of someone’s true nature.  Then they have the audacity to be shocked when things blow up, all because they never accepted who that person really was to begin with.

Why do we think we can change people?  Why do we try to bend people to our will?  It is a very selfish mentality that often results in nothing but heartache, frustration and resentment.  There is a huge difference between expecting someone to compromise out of love and expecting that person to compromise who they are, what they stand for and where they want to be in life just to please you.

I have been on the receiving end of this selfish behavior in the past, present and probably will be again in the future.  I decided recently to always reveal my truth, explain who I am and what you can expect from me.  Do you know I still encountered someone who felt they could change me into the person they wanted me to be to serve the deficiencies in their own pathetic life?

Folks, this is not how the hell it works, ok?  You are responsible for addressing and healing from your past, your hurts, your disappointments and any other crap that life has thrown your way.  It is not someone else’s job to come in and save you from yourself.  Self sufficiency is key!!  When in a relationship, it is not two halves make a whole.  Stop believing in that nonsense.  It is two wholes make a union!  That applies to any relationship for that matter – family, friends, husbands and wives etc.

I am sick and tired of broken people tearing and breaking down others.  I am sick of people trying to plot, scheme and exert ulterior motives in order to get someone to fill the void they need to address in their own lives.  I am especially sick of the fools who come into my life, take what I say with a grain of salt and then get their feelings hurt when they find out I was being completely transparent.

Please stop this stupidity!  I cannot tell you how freaking annoying, disgusting and utterly immature it really is.  Remember the infamous words of Maya Angelou – “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

~ Mara Prose

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