It’s Mara Prose Monday!  I can and I will…

This is my new mantra, I can and I will.  I have so many new endeavors that I’m nurturing, that I must constantly remind myself I can and I will!

Isn’t it exciting when you see the roadmap God is laying before you so clearly?  I believe it’s always there, we just allow the wrong things to cloud our vision.  There are days things aren’t moving fast enough for me but I remind myself to be patient.

Today, I say stay focused.  Think about your aspirations, create a vision board and simply do whatever it takes to get to where you need to be.  Just repeat:

I can and I will

I must and I should 

Don’t tell me I won’t 

I’m immune to don’t 

Simply remember, I can and I will!

~ Author Mara Prose

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